Portfolio of Work

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Using the best free applications and websites on the internet I bring you my portfolio.

I have created work for print, animation, signage, websites, and items in other mediums.

I have broken these items into six categories:







Each will open a new window where the samples are on Flickr.com.

The Animation category is On YouTube.com.

The Beginning

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Silerra Logo

Silerra Logo

SImpLe and Down to Earth (tERRA)

Originally the name was created as part of a design class I took a few years ago. I always liked the logo I designed and feel I have grown to represent the original idea more and more everyday.

I strive to provide a great customer experience. You have asked me to help you realize a vision that you have and I take great pride in assisting you to achieve your goals.

I look forward to working with you on any graphic design project you may have from business cards, to a full color book, to a complex animation for your website. I continually add to the skills I have learned and love to find new ways to implement them into current work.

Thank you for visiting Silerra.com